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When Frank Burgers graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2004, he had been working for several years to refurbish and sell smaller agricultural machines at the back of the garage in Moergestel. One thing led to another and so this hobby grew into a serious company: Burgers Equipment. Purchasing of agricultural machinery, refurbishing and reselling: That was the business.

However, this was not always sufficient for Frank (now no longer the only employee). The contact with the customers was often short: After the machine was sold, you did not see it again. Frank also recognized in the market that companies and private individuals were increasingly less inclined to purchase (new) machines themselves. The combination of these two factors ensured that a new step was taken in January 2006: Establishment of Burgers Verhuur, specialized in the rental of aerial work platforms.

Slowly but surely Burgers Verhuur expanded into a larger company, with the range increasing in width and depth. In addition to various types of aerial work platforms, Burgers Verhuur also leased mini excavators, diamond tools, woodworking, scaffolding and trailers, when in 2011 a new building was built at De Sonman in Moergestel.

In this new building, despite the financially uncertain times, Burgers Verhuur managed to grow into a mature organization with a rental branch, an own workshop (Burgers Equipment) and a training center. With this, Burgers Verhuur set up its own way between the big players in the market and was able to distinguish itself by combining quality and personal approach. Burgers Verhuur thus became a permanent partner for many (construction) companies and private individuals for rental, inspection, repair, sales and training in the field of building materials and machines.

The realized growth was one of the main reasons for taking a giant step in May 2016: The familiar Moergestel was abandoned and they went to Tilburg to settle at Jules Verneweg on industrial estate Loven I. New growth opportunities through expansion of the customer base, a better internal logistics and good accessibility for customers. A new location, with the old core values: Quality, flexibility, problem solving capacity and customer orientation. Professionalism with a regional character, which is so proud of.


We want to unburden our customers as a full-service organization in the field of building materials and machines.


We do not rent machines, but offer our clients temporary customized solutions using the expertise, service and professionalism of Burgers Verhuur.

Citizens'' Rentals can expect them to be helped by professionals who know what they are talking about and support and advise you in taking hiring decisions.

Burgers Verhuur does not want to be the largest in the Netherlands, we do want to offer the best service!

Our core values: Quality, flexibility, problem-solving ability and customer orientation. Professionalism with a regional character, because we are so proud of it.


We see a growing need for temporary solutions in the world. For individuals and many companies within the SME it is not always possible to work with own machines. We want to be the partner to keep these customers at work.

Unburdening means for Burgers Verhuur: Just take that extra step, give each customer the necessary attention, make good mutual agreements (and fulfill these) and work from the customer''s point of view.

Corporate Social Responsibility Burgers Verhuur

Burgers Verhuur BV considers sustainability to be of paramount importance. Not only in words, but also in deeds. Burgers Verhuur strives for the greenest possible business. Not only looking at the best price / quality ratio, but at the best price / quality / sustainability ratio, where sustainability consists of the 3 P's: People, Planet, Profit. The right balance between these three pillars ensures that Burgers Verhuur and its environment remain healthy. Not only in a financial sense, but also the employees of Burgers Verhuur and its customers remain healthy. Some results and targets of Burgers Verhuur regarding sustainability at a glance:

  • Standard transport truck from Burgers Verhuur complies with European emission standards with a EURO-6 certification to limit CO 2 emissions as much as possible;
  • When possible, Burgers Verhuur uses small transport equipment;
  • Burgers Verhuur uses a central planning strategy with short lines between planner, driver, office staff and customer to deliver as optimally as possible;
  • Burgers Verhuur encourages (quartz) dust-free working by investing in grinders with standard (quartz) dust extraction;
  • Gasoline equipment is refueled exclusively with Aspen fuel for cleaner combustion, to reduce emissions of harmful substances;
  • (Preventive) Maintenance in-house through sister company Burgers Equipment in one location;
  • Only machine purchase of A-brands;
  • Detailed customer information for correct and economical use of the rented machines;
  • Waste separation within all departments of the company;
  • Paper and time saving by preferably invoicing digitally;
  • Environmentally friendly oil drainage;
  • Limited lighting: Preferably in daylight;
  • Energy saving through good insulation;
  • Recognized training company within Transport & Logistics sector. This makes it very attractive as an internship company for students;
  • Burgers Verhuur strives to include some early school leavers in the company and to train them internally. With this, Burgers offers them a good future perspective;
  • Sponsor of various local and regional clubs, associations and events.

As a landlord Burgers Verhuur contributes to a more sustainable world. Customers do not have to purchase the machines themselves and thus limit the production of new machines. This reduces energy consumption and waste.


Burger Equipment Tilburg office
Jules Verneweg 108
5015 BM Tilburg

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